Welcome To Colorado Wildlife Science

Colorado Wildlife Science, LLC is a wildlife and ecological consulting firm based in Basalt, Colorado, specializing in wildlife research, management, and monitoring; ecological assessments; baseline inventories for conservation easements; ecological and land use planning; wetland delineations & permitting; habitat management; and ecological restoration. Colorado Wildlife Science is a State of Colorado certified Level 1 Emerging Small Business (ESB).

Innovative Approach

Environmental concerns have resulted in increasingly stringent local, state and federal regulations designed to conserve and protect our natural resources. This has created the need for new and innovative approaches to land planning, development, and stewardship. CWS is a full-service ecological consulting firm that prides itself on a professional, scientifically sound approach to biological resource studies and management, raising the standard for environmentally sound project management and ecologically sensitive development. CWS combines technical knowledge with rigorous field investigations to integrate ecological protection and enhancement with land use and management.

Wide Range of Clientele

CWS provides services to individual landowners, law firms, realtors, corporations, government entities, land trusts, and other non-profits. A realistic approach and practical field knowledge allows CWS to recognize and resolve potential conflicts, minimize delays, and deliver quality services on time and within budget. Whether your project is big or small, CWS adapts to your needs.


CWS utilizes state-of-the-art Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) allowing the collection of highly accurate ecological and geographic data, creating GIS models, performing buffer analyses, and using the newest data available from state and federal agencies to enhance the effectiveness of projects. GIS staff provide high-quality mapping and analysis to support resource conservation and planning projects. Field mapping of vegetation, wildlife habitat, riparian areas, and stream features is performed using Thales one-foot accurate GPS, and advanced spatial analysis using comprehensive aerial, topographic, elevation, wildlife, vegetation, and proprietary data sets.